Meeting this momma was a long time coming. 

Martha and I met years ago on Instagram. She had just gone through her 3rd (of what would be 5) miscarriage. I couldn't get her out of my head. Her entire infertility process has been something she used to make her stronger. She fought for the, now 2, beautiful children she has all the while raising money for others who also dealt with infertility. It was an amazing process to watch. 

We had never met in real life until little Leo made his presence. It was honestly one of the most incredible things to see this family of 3 so seamlessly become a family of 4. It was truly meant to be. 

This is why I love what I do. Birth stories and fresh 48 sessions are my favorite. I feel like there isn't a moment in time that is filled with more love than holding that new baby, no matter how they came to you, and realizing that they are yours and you are theirs forevermore. 

Elder Smoot


Two Mom's stood next to each other each waiting for their son neither had seen in two years. You guys, it was the best thing ever. Every time someone in a dark suit would step onto the escalator both mom's would scream. I've never had so many false starts while filming before. Thanks for the laughs ladies and welcome home Elder Smoot



Today my baby turned 1. 

She is happy. She is sweet. She is everything I hope to be one day.

First birthdays are a big deal around here. I'm not sure why, but it it really the only birthday party we go all out on. We pull out all the stops. One of our favorite things to do is print out bunches of pictures from the year and make a picture wall all about them. Magnolia's felt different for me than all my other kids.  I think it just seemed to soon for her to really be turning 1. I was not ready. A couple of days before it all started to come together though. Simplicity has kind of been my theme with Magnolia from the start. Her nursery is very minimal and sweet so it just felt right to do the same for her special day. I bought some magnolia leaves and made a garland to hand above our chalkboard, knitted a table runner (I learned to knit when I was pregnant with her and she has more knitted clothing than any of our other babies so it just fits her.) popped some popcorn, (her favorite food) made her a party hat and baked her a cake. Throw in a few older siblings to help her figure the cake eating thing out and we had the perfect celebration. 

Happy Birthday my Sweet Magnolia.