I can't gush about this family enough! I literally walked into the hospital room from Pinterest, but the absolute best part was how incredibly sweet they were. I could not pull myself away! Honestly, I kept thinking I had all the footage I needed and then they would do something else cute, like finger feed Eve and I would have to stop and shoot some more. Thankfully I didn't go over our shoot time by hours and hours and security wasn't needed to drag me away, but really I could have stayed in that room, filled with that amazing little family and their new little Eve, all day long!

Be sure to click the first image to see Eve's fresh 48 video. 




13 pounds

kristy jo photography_0139.jpg

After being home for one night we had to take you back in to be readmitted. It was terrifying to see you so lethargic. Your eyes were sunken in and black. You felt so light and frail in my arms. The drive there felt like it would never end. I just wanted you to feel better. They weighed you when we arrived. 13 pounds. You weighed the same as you did when you were 3 months old. It happened in just one night. You started to perk up about 8 hours after the fluid IV had started and by the end of the day you were sitting up again. Still weak and frail, but alive.