I can't gush about this family enough! I literally walked into the hospital room from Pinterest, but the absolute best part was how incredibly sweet they were. I could not pull myself away! Honestly, I kept thinking I had all the footage I needed and then they would do something else cute, like finger feed Eve and I would have to stop and shoot some more. Thankfully I didn't go over our shoot time by hours and hours and security wasn't needed to drag me away, but really I could have stayed in that room, filled with that amazing little family and their new little Eve, all day long!

Be sure to click the first image to see Eve's fresh 48 video. 






Meeting this momma was a long time coming. 

Martha and I met years ago on Instagram. She had just gone through her 3rd (of what would be 5) miscarriage. I couldn't get her out of my head. Her entire infertility process has been something she used to make her stronger. She fought for the, now 2, beautiful children she has all the while raising money for others who also dealt with infertility. It was an amazing process to watch. 

We had never met in real life until little Leo made his presence. It was honestly one of the most incredible things to see this family of 3 so seamlessly become a family of 4. It was truly meant to be. 

This is why I love what I do. Birth stories and fresh 48 sessions are my favorite. I feel like there isn't a moment in time that is filled with more love than holding that new baby, no matter how they came to you, and realizing that they are yours and you are theirs forevermore. 

Meet baby Penny | Davis Hospital newborn photographer

kristy jo photography_0130.jpg

Oh my sweet baby! She didn't have name yet when I arrived and when I finally heard her name the next day I couldn't believe how perfectly it fit her! Baby Penny, I mean it's just so sweet! I have to admit that I was very jealous of her hair! Of her whole families hair really, but my babies never have any hair so I just kept staring in disbelief. She is a beauty that's for sure!