We're Having a Baby!!


We kept is a secret from the kids for 12 long weeks! Keeping pregnancy secrets from my kids is so hard for me! Knowing how excited our kids would be for the news (they were literally praying for a baby) I  knew we had to tell them in a fun way. It took us 2 days of filming, the #3 ballon flying away and one sobbing pregnant woman (me, because said balloon flew away and having to postpone telling the kids another day so we could buy another balloon and tell them the way I had spent weeks planning, because no other way would be good enough, was just too much to handle) to finally reach the grand finale, but it was so worth it!  We told them we were making a movie and they were so excited, but at the very end of filming we set up our surprise. They were so so excited and I'm so glad we stuck to the original plan even after #3 flew away. 

I think the best part of it all though was the conversation that happened in the back seat on the way home when Tate said to Hudson, "Well I have noticed Mom's tummy getting much bigger than usual." I was 12 weeks at the time mind you. I should not have been showing! Brady quickly went into, "Don't let the wife cry again" mode and assured me Tate didn't mean it. It was too late, I was already dying laughing! 

So far this pregnancy has been amazing! I have been super sick with this little one and don't get me wrong I've has plenty of nights crying, wondering how I could do it much longer,  but I've also been very blessed. The days keep passing, eventually the sickness will lessen and every evening, when our my world is calm and I'm laying in bed I get to put my hands on my tummy and feel it change, feel it grow. I get to dream of the day I will feel kicking and tumbling, I get to listen to my sweet little ones heartbeat play over and over again and be comforted that everything is well.

One day after spending a significant amount of time with my face in the potty, I told Brady that I wanted to remember and love everything about pregnancy because there would come a time when it won't happen again. Then I burst into tears and told him how guilty I felt for not loving this part of it. He hugged me, sweetly laughed and said, "no one would love this part, I give you permission to not love anything about the first trimester." But even amidst how well I've gotten to know the bowl of my toilet I did find something to love. I love that I'm sick because there's a little sweet baby growing inside of me. They say being sick means the baby is doing well. That hasn't always been the case for me, so I don't find much comfort in the actual being sick part, but I have been blessed to have amazing Dr. that listens to me and takes the time to truly listen and ask about all my past history.  I have been so blessed that I have been able to see our baby 4 times with ultrasound, and that each time its little heart is beating away strong as ever. I don't have words to describe how I feel about this baby. The only one that seems to do my feelings justice is BLESSED. We are so so blessed!