Pancakes and Suspenders

On great days Daddy gets to stay home from work. We call them weekends. Sometimes he makes us pancakes for breakfast, but not the "out of the box" kind. Our man makes them from scratch and he lets ALL the kids help EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!  

When Brig wanted pancakes for lunch (luckily we had leftovers from breakfast) I popped one in the microwave and gave it to him. He started to cry and said, "NOOOO! Pancakes!" and pointed to the griddle still sitting on the counter. I tried and tried to explain to him that these were the same pancakes he helped Dad make this morning. He was having non of my explanation. He pulled a chair over from the table, hoped on up, put his pancakes on the griddle and got to work (at no time while he was "working" was the griddle plugged in!). I think this may just be a tradition he passes on to his kids one day. It's kind of amazing to think of him as a daddy all grown up helping his babies make pancakes.