Lily was never really attached to a particular inanimate object. Never, until cozy came along. Grandma Patty passed away before Lily turned 2. She bought this blanket for Lily before she passed, but Lily didn't actually receive the blanket for months after we lost her. When Uncle Ty and Aunt Kali brought Lily this special present I didn't think there would be much of a reaction from her, but I was in tears. It was so hard to think that Grandma wouldn't be able to see Lily receive the blanket she bought just for her. Lily opened the gift and held the blanket tight. She yelled, "COZY!". To this day they have never parted. Cozy has been well loved and is a little more dingy than she once was, but she has been by Lily's side everyday since and Lily is always quick to tell the story of who cozy came from.