Little Reader

Last week you brought a book home from preschool. Your first book, a little paper book, but a book all the same. You could not wait to read it. I sat down with you fully expecting to have to coach you quite a bit, but I was so wrong. Word by tiny word you sounded your little heart out and read the entire 6 page book all by yourself. When your brothers came home you ran to the door yelling, "I got a book and I can read it!!" They were so excited for you and instantly sat down with you to listen to you read it. They had been working so hard "teaching" you to read your flash cards and they were so proud of you. When Dad came home you read it to him too. I'm pretty sure your read that little book at least 6 times that day. You are such a smart little girl. I shouldn't be surprised though. Ever since you were tiny you loved to "read". You would climb onto my bed with your bedtime story book and flip through the pages telling me stories about the pictures. I'm so proud of you Lily! You are an amazing little girl.