Meet baby Penny | Davis Hospital newborn photographer

kristy jo photography_0130.jpg

Oh my sweet baby! She didn't have name yet when I arrived and when I finally heard her name the next day I couldn't believe how perfectly it fit her! Baby Penny, I mean it's just so sweet! I have to admit that I was very jealous of her hair! Of her whole families hair really, but my babies never have any hair so I just kept staring in disbelief. She is a beauty that's for sure!


She's been wanting to make Macarons for months, but I've been scared of them my whole life! I had heard horror stories about how temperamental they were and I was not willing to fail on baking a cookie so I never tried. She was so determined to try, so one day about a week ago we gave it a shot. And they worked! So well in fact I'm kind of convinced it may have been beginners luck. She thought up her packaging all on her own and was so excited she wanted to take some pictures with them (she comes from a mom who takes pictures of everything so that one may have been a learned behavior.). I couldn't be more proud of my girl and how unwilling to give up on a dream she is. 


kristy jo photography_0102.jpg

If you scrolled through the first couple of pictures expecting a gender reveal for our sweet baby I'm sorry. We are actually not finding out until we are in the delivery room. That fact, however made it all the more exciting for me to find out and photograph the Jones' great news. We had a blast and they had the best idea for their reveal so it all turned out perfect. As an added bonus I didn't feel an ounce of morning sickness until about 2 hours after we wrapped up so Yay for me too! :)


She can't live without them! Her fair blue eyes just water and water without her sunglasses on. When she was just a tiny thing people always commented on how we always had her in sunglasses, but the truth was that she would scream without them. She's a beauty in any style though. Even the ones that she's supposed to save until next summer.