The Hrebickeks


I started my photography business 10 years ago. I was not good, but I had myself a nice camera and some pioneer woman actions and thought I could move mountains. Well kinda, I still didn’t have very much confidence in my skills so I took many hiatuses and only shot for 2 people, myself and Sarah. I took a couple of clients here and there, but for the first few years I refused to shoot for anyone else. I just wasn’t confident enough to put myself out there.

Sarah was the person that cheered me on the most. From the beginning she would refuse to let me shoot her family for free. She told me I was worth more than that. She suffered through those early years with me. The years when I called her crying telling her I couldn’t do it. She asked me and only me to capture the most important moments of their lives. Every family picture, when their first foster son came home she called ME and had faith in ME to be the one to take the pictures that she knew might be the only things she had to look back on one day if her baby didn’t get to stay with her. She traveled state lines multiple times to have me take her family’s pictures as they've grown from a couple to a family of 4.

Sarah is the person that told me I could do it. She is the person that told me I was doing it when I didn’t think I was doing it well enough and when I told her last year that I was going to begin taking outside clients again she is the one that said, “Finally! You should have been all along.”

I think we all need those people in our lives who tell us we are worth something. That what we have to give and what we are is not only enough, but bucket loads more than enough. We need someone to have faith in us when we don’t have it in ourselves. Sarah is one of those people for me. She is the one that kept cheering me on and encouraging me to step out and do what I loved because I loved it. I hope I can be that person to someone else and pass the goodness along.



Usually when were visit Grandpa Kraig will randomly disappear into his workshop. Usually a stream of kids are following along behind him, but in the winter when the rest of us are cozy inside cuddled up with blankets and Keurig coffee machine hot cocoa (because it’s way better when it comes from Grandma and Grandpa’s fancy machine) he slips out to his workshop alone, lights a fire in his old stove and makes handmade gifts for each of his children’s families. This year I was blessed that he let me tag along, not that he would . He is such an incredible man and I cherish all the memories my kids and I get to make with him.



I can't gush about this family enough! I literally walked into the hospital room from Pinterest, but the absolute best part was how incredibly sweet they were. I could not pull myself away! Honestly, I kept thinking I had all the footage I needed and then they would do something else cute, like finger feed Eve and I would have to stop and shoot some more. Thankfully I didn't go over our shoot time by hours and hours and security wasn't needed to drag me away, but really I could have stayed in that room, filled with that amazing little family and their new little Eve, all day long!

Be sure to click the first image to see Eve's fresh 48 video.